Ejemplos de Adobe AIR Para Descargar Gratis

Ejemplos de Adobe AIR Para Descargar Gratis

Ejemplos de Adobe AIR Para Descargar Gratis - ejemplos-adobe-air

Kevin Hoyt hace un excelente aporte para empezar a trabajar con Adobe AIR beta 3, se trata de mas de 40 ejemplos de AIR que podemos descargar gratis. Entre los ejemplos podremos encontrar los siguientes:

  • Accessing data in the embedded SQLite database
  • Updating data in the SQLite database
  • Asynchronously reading text from a local file
  • Creating basic custom chrome
  • Connecting to the SQLite database
  • Adding custom window controls to custom chrome
  • Encoding a PNG using a Flash library
  • Full SQLite database example (create, read, update, delete)
  • Selecting a directory
  • Encoding a PNG using a JavaScript encoder
  • Selecting a file from the local disk
  • Dragging files into an AIR application
  • Applying Flash filters to HTML content
  • Creating a full screen window
  • Getting a list of files from the system clipboard
  • Testing connectivity to an HTTP endpoint
  • Save images of Yahoo! Maps to local disk as PNG
  • Custom chrome example using assets from Meebo
  • Selecting multiple files from disk
  • Creating a new native window
  • Drag complex content from AIR to native resource
  • Putting files on the system clipboard
  • Remembering user login with AIR encrypted local store
  • Using Flash Remoting from JavaScript
  • Scaling down a selected image
  • Determining the dimensions of an image
  • Capturing web cam images for a slideshow
  • Testing connection to any socket endpoint
  • Playing a sound file
  • Simple stopwatch application with custom chrome
  • Storing data in a SQLite database
  • Synchronously reading a text file from disk
  • Creating database tables in a SQLite database
  • Creating a temporary file
  • Dragging text from the system into an AIR application
  • Extracting the EXIF thumbnail from a JPEG image
  • Uploading a file in the background
  • Creating a basic popup window
  • Writing text content to a local file
  • Reading XML data using XMLHttpRequest (XHR)

Los ejemplos vienen en un zip con un peso de apenas 1.6 MB.

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